First Class Breastfeeding Support in Yorkshire

May 7th, 2011

Milk Matters are independent breastfeeding specialists supporting families in the Yorkshire region.

They are qualified, insured, independent breastfeeding and early parenting support specialists; passionate about providing accurate evidence based support, tailored to suit each family.

The main focus of their work is on how to breastfeed rather than why, although they do cover the latter in some of the antenatal options and online information articles.  Mums are often told they should breastfeed but when nipples are agony and baby doesn’t seem satisfied or is unsettled all night;  she can face a barrage of conflicting (if well intentioned) advice.

With effective support these common problems can often be easily overcome (and often prevented with the right information antenatally), but breastfeeding is rarely a one approach suits all solution and so Milk Matters are trained to help you piece together the different factors that can influence feeding, from your labour and delivery right through to what’s happening here and now.  Using this alongside accurate information as to how breastfeeding works (despite the myths and old wives tales, it’s a sound scientific model) they can help turn early babyhood into the babymoon it should be.

All our clients booking birth support also benefit from support from one of Milk Matters International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.

Visit their website for more details…..

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